Interskramz Records w/ The Concrete Summer

Last Thursday on the Tlo and Batista Show I was able to plug Interskramz Records and play one of their newest artist “The Concrete Summer”. They are a DIY tape label based out of Michican that play all times of music from mostly screamo but also have a few solo artist on the label. I got in touch with Interskramz through my friend Jessica who just moved in with two members Interskramz Records and found herself a book keeping job with the label. You can purchase any bands tapes for low prices or download their music for a nameable price over a dollar. Also, check out their facebook at Interskramz ON Facebook.


You can also check out The Concrete Summer at The Concrete Summer’s ON Facebook!

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UGRgaming VS Game ON RADIO! Capcom VS SNK 2

Game ON Radio had Brandon Stennis, President of UGRgaming on the show. Once Brandon walked in, the trash talk began. D. Jones, 1/4 of Game ON Radio had challenged Brandon to a few rounds of Capcom VS SNK 2. SPOLIER ALRET! Game ON Radio FIVE UGRgaming ZERO!

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D20 Girls


My first day interning for Game ON Radio I got to Interview the D20 girls.  They are a group of girls who LOVE playing all kinds of games. From shooters to D&D these girls are ready to take on any challengers but their main goal is to work promotions and to give out actually video game information. Check out this interview!


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