Chapter 3: Ticking Time Bomb Excerpt

Charlie Bear 2

A quick exerpt from by blog, Charlie Bear in the City. It’s a blog about my journey through life and the short stories that fill my mind. Check it out and be sure to follow me!

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Balin Aguirre The Tackonaut

Meet Balin, he is a 24 year old young man who has created the up and coming web comic strip, “Tackonauts“. I feature the comic under my Web Comics portion of my WordPress.

As a child, Balin sailed the East Coast of the United States with his parents learning the ways of the sailor. Once, Balin anchored in Florida he took the sense of adventure he learned on the ocean and shared it with the people he encountered including myself.  He went through his high school career driving a 68′ Volvo he named “Shelby”. With a cigarette in his mouth and his long hair flowing out of the driver seat window Balin could careless about the world around him.

For year’s he worked on Marco Island teaching sailing lessons and I was lucky enough to be by his side after he landed me the job. We ran around like fools, sand surfing on golf carts, sailing for hours at a time while the guest wait for us, eating pure McDonalds and 7/11 tuna salad sandwich. Alas that life was short lived, Balin went off to college at Florida Gulf Coast University and I had another year of High School left.

Balin is still in school for Criminal Justice but spends most of his free time creating Tackonauts. He started Tackonaut’s in December of 2011 and is creating two comic a week for your enjoyment. Inspired by his own everyday life, these comic are a real reflection on how he perceives the world around him. Creative, diligent, and a little obsessive compulsive, Balin will stop at nothing to see his dream of being one of the top internet comic artist come true.

Be sure to visit his website and add Balin on Facebook at Facebook/Tackonauts . He loves feed back so don’t be shy!

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