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Chapter 3: Ticking Time Bomb Excerpt

Charlie Bear 2

A quick exerpt from by blog, Charlie Bear in the City. It’s a blog about my journey through life and the short stories that fill my mind. Check it out and be sure to follow me!

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Heroin Deal leads to Homicide

Emerson D. Harris, 24 has been charged with drug induced homicide yesterday. On Sept. 19 2012 Chad Conley, 28, was found dead in a Wendy’s parking lot by police officers and after their investigation they found that Harris was the man who sold Conley the heroin that he overdosed on. Harris now faces 6-30 years in prison without possibility of probation. His bail is set at 1 million dollars.

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Man crashes and dies on Tri-State

Jack Edwards of Zion, 66 passed away on the Tri-State Tollway yesterday afternoon when he crashed his car into a wall and then into a semi truck. Mr. Edwards lost control of his Mercedes and slammed into a concrete wall and then repelling off the wall and into a semi truck. Lutheran General Hospital pronounced Mr. Edwards dead at 4:40pm Tuesday afternoon. The semi truck driver will not be charged and he was not injured.

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Redline Shutdown! (2/8/13)

Redline runner2 copy

Redline services downtown between Roosevelt Road and North and Clyborn Stations were delayed at 5:42 the evening because a unauthorized person was spotted on the train tracks at Grand Avenue Station. The power was shut off as police began searching the area for the accused person. The CTA ran one redline train in both directions on an elevated track during the delay. The train resumed normal service at 6:10pm and the accused “redline runner” is still at large.


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Man Found Dead due to Hypotheromia

A man was found dead this morning in Englewood of Cold Exposure. He was found after a neighborhood man’s dog ran away into an abandoned building while the neighborhood man was walking his dog. The man is believed to be in his 60’s and is currently unidentified. This is the 9th person to die in cook county from hypothermia related caused.

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15 year old with a bail set for $250,000

15 year old Jesus Castaneda also known as “Little Rowdy” has been charged as an adult with a bail set for $250,000. Castaneda, was arrested for the 19th time last weekend for robbing a man at gunpoint in the 6300 block of South Francisco Avenue in the Marquette Park neighborhood. This is Castaneda second gun-related charge. His first gun related charge was when police arrested Castaneda in August 2012 for unlawful use of a weapon. Judge Maria Kuriakos-Ciesil set Castaneda’s bail yesterday and is leaving nothing to change by scheduling the next court date 3 weeks from now on February 27th.

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Grace Wegener

Who is Grace Wegener? Grace is a graduate of Indiana University with a major in psychology and not one, but two minors. One of her miners is in Spanish and the other is in music. With all that work under her belt she has decided to take the musical route for fun and she is working at the bottom to get to the top.

Currently, this 22 year old from Wilmette, Illinois is living in Bloomington, Indiana.  Grace is interning at Secretly Canadian,  Jagjaguwar,  and Dead Oceans, three rock labels unified under the SC Distribution company. These three labels nhave fantastic bands like,  The War on Drugs, Bear in Heaven and the famous Bon Iver. It leaves Grace with a lot of great artist to look up to.


Grace loves playing her guitar, writing new songs, and preforming has become one of her passions. Her slow paced acoustic songs work side by side with her silvery voice to create a lovely delight for your ears. Grace’s musical accomplishments will begin to pile up and we hope to hear more originals from her as time goes on.

Grace on FB  Grace on Twitter  Grace on Tumblr  Grace on ReverbNation



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The Imaginarium of Christoper Jones


Christopher Jones is an up and coming Miami rapper. He has just finished his third full album called, “The Imaginarium of Christopher Jones” where we hear the animistic side of Christopher Jones.

It’s not uncommon for Christopher Jones to be busy working on a production project but “The Imaginarium of Christopher Jones” was fully produced by Christopher Jones.  All 10 beast beats were hand crafted by Christopher Jones himself . He is known for making spacey beats like in his song “Wi-Fi Girl” but has developed  them into a darker pop melody which carries you through the song, like in “Money (Gotta get It)“. It’s hard to find good rappers who dedicate themselves to more then just the lyrics because other producers are already providing beats for a small fee. Christopher Jones does not seem to afraid of being a one man band and all the hard work that comes with it.

Always an amazing writer and you can compare lyrics The Imaginarium to Full Circle. The lyrics that are thrown down are personal and you can really feel the struggle of a young man in every word. Christopher Jones tell it like it is, he has his own style of rap that flows with his beats and tells his story of growing up young and drug free in Miami, FL lost in his imagination. His singing can use some work but Drake can’t sing and he is still making millions.

Upon all of album work, Christopher Jones also directs and edit’s his own music video’s. His most recent one being “Bigfoot” about the hidden Bigfoot in the hunting party. Christopher Jones is so talented at creating videos he decided to make a trip out to D.C. and shoot a video for MerCure Dior Ft. A$AP Ant called” Gush“which just hit over 32,000 views! But you wouldn’t expect any less from a young man with a BS in Film.

I pay much respect to Christopher Jones’s new album. He has worked on his craft since middle school and you can hear and see how all of his hard work has payed off for him. Be sure to check out his work and follow him till the very end!

Christopher Jones on FB   Christopher Jones on Twitter   Christopher Jones on YouTube

Christopher Jones on Bandcamp

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Balin Aguirre The Tackonaut

Meet Balin, he is a 24 year old young man who has created the up and coming web comic strip, “Tackonauts“. I feature the comic under my Web Comics portion of my WordPress.

As a child, Balin sailed the East Coast of the United States with his parents learning the ways of the sailor. Once, Balin anchored in Florida he took the sense of adventure he learned on the ocean and shared it with the people he encountered including myself.  He went through his high school career driving a 68′ Volvo he named “Shelby”. With a cigarette in his mouth and his long hair flowing out of the driver seat window Balin could careless about the world around him.

For year’s he worked on Marco Island teaching sailing lessons and I was lucky enough to be by his side after he landed me the job. We ran around like fools, sand surfing on golf carts, sailing for hours at a time while the guest wait for us, eating pure McDonalds and 7/11 tuna salad sandwich. Alas that life was short lived, Balin went off to college at Florida Gulf Coast University and I had another year of High School left.

Balin is still in school for Criminal Justice but spends most of his free time creating Tackonauts. He started Tackonaut’s in December of 2011 and is creating two comic a week for your enjoyment. Inspired by his own everyday life, these comic are a real reflection on how he perceives the world around him. Creative, diligent, and a little obsessive compulsive, Balin will stop at nothing to see his dream of being one of the top internet comic artist come true.

Be sure to visit his website and add Balin on Facebook at Facebook/Tackonauts . He loves feed back so don’t be shy!

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Happy Wars


Happy Wars will be one of the first Xbox Live free-play games available for Xbox Live Gold Members launching in September 2012. It will be a Massive Multiplayer Online Game with fully customizable characters and tons of maps capable of containing 15 vs 15 PVP!

With 3 types of character: warrior, mage, and cleric, you can team up with others for cooperate play or go offline and play a solo campaign. Check out this promo video and get ready to out your thumbs in gear for hours of ridicules fun!


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