My name is Charles Anthony Krisman. I am a full time student at the Illinois Center for Broadcasting (ICB) in Chicago. I enjoy video games so much that I am an intern on the best damn video game radio show called Game ON Radio were I shoot and edit videos and maybe throw my two cents in over the air waves. I’m also an intern for the Division Street Riot Project as the Student Committee Leader/Executive Producer. I have also started my 3rd internship with Shrug House shooting comics and bands for Backstage Chicago. Other then all these fun video projects I’m involved in I enjoy jumping on the Tlo & Batista Show to help out and now I get to introduce new artists who are trying to break through the air waves once a week! Lastly, I am a full time Server at The Cheesecake Factory in downtown Chicago’s John Hancock Building.

How do I fit it all in? Well Danyea from Game ON Radio doesn’t call me Super Intern for nothing!

Follow me and my work on Word Press or you can also check me out on Facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/charles.krisman

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  1. Charles is also a natural leader. I am not surprised he can handle 3 internships, school, AND work full time! He’s got the guts to make it big!

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